What is your San Diego Home Worth?

Figuring out your home value, especially when the market is in flux, is definitely a job for the experts. I’ve seen the real estate market begin to rebound and San Diego home values will soon begin to reflect this movement.

To get you started, there are a couple of different methods to help establish a good estimate of what your home may be worth.

The quickest and easiest tool is to use an online calculator. There are several free ones out there. These calculators use accumulated public record data joined with several other factors to produce an estimate of the home value. All you really need to do is enter in your address and the calculator will produce a rough estimate for you.

A WORD OF CAUTION…Like any computer program, it’s fast and relatively precise but there is no “human factor” involved with this method. Although it may be fun and interesting to get the information, the software will disregard the human element and what we as humans may think of as common sense.

While these calculators are great at aggregating data, nothing replaces good ol’ human input!

When I work with a client to value their home, I take into account local trends AND curb appeal. The better kept your property is at any given time, the greater its estimated value should be. I also walk through with my clients and suggest small changes to enhance the property’s value.

If you’ve been considering selling your home and are curious about its value, call me anytime for a complimentary consultation and consumer market analysis.

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