Free Moving

When you choose to work with Finch Realty, you will not only work with knowledgeable and active real estate agents, we will arrange for the moving of your furniture and other items at no cost to you if you are moving in San Diego County.

The fact is that buying and selling real estate can be complicated, not to mention the biggest financial decision most people ever make. In addition, packing and moving can take more time and effort. With so much at stake, we can help locate the right property at the right price and negotiate the best deal possible on your home.

Please mention this promotion when you sign your agreement with Finch Realty. Although this may sound intuitive, but it needs to be said: sort and label everything before packing it in labeled boxes.  This substantially simplifies the moving process and although it can be tedious in the short run, it will save you time unpacking in the long run.

At Finch Realty we value your time and offering you hassle free move to tell you thank you for choosing to work with our company.