Are You Ready for Spring Cleaning?


There’s nothing like the feeling you get after finishing a thorough spring cleaning! This is especially true when you realize how important this annual ritual can be in protecting one of your biggest assets, you property.

Spring cleaning your San Diego home involves maintaing your property in ways that will prevent you from having to take more costly steps later.

One of the most overlooked areas for most properties is its foundation. Take some time to check your foundation for damage, and to patch and seal any cracks as soon as you discover them. This is extremely important because the foundation is one of the first

areas I  examine when my buyers are serious about writing an offer on a home. Home inspectors also take a particular interest in the homes foundation.

May is also the perfect time to clean out all of the gutters on your property. When gutters clog, you can end up with leaks. If you need a referral to someone who can assist you with cleaning out gutters, I’d be glad to connect you with a reputable company here in San Diego.

Spring is also a great time to upgrade the paint on the outside of your home.  A fresh paint job will give your San Diego property nice fresh look. Not only will a new paint job make your home more attractive, it will also prevent premature aging of your homes exterior.

Are you planning to sell, rent or stay in your San Diego home? I want to personally encourage you to take a day or two to spring clean! If you need a referral to a handyman or any other type of maintenance service, I’m always happy to give you a personal recommendation to one of our favorite service providers!

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